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GloveBox Gloves

Specialists in the supply of glovebox gloves for laboratory applications. We aim to supply the best solution for your glovebox application. !


Glovebox Gloves can supply a range of gauntlet gloves and glove assemblies for various types of gloveboxes.  Our standard port sizes are 8″ and 10″ but we able to source other port sizes and glove types. We support and ship worldwide gauntlets and glove assemblies for your Drybox, Isolator, Inert Glovebox, Containment Glovebox, Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinet, Aseptic Isolator or Powder Isolator. .


Hand glove and sleeve assemblies, with your chosen type of sleeve, for combined dexterity and durability


Hand gloves EN374:2003 Compliant – Protective against chemicals & Microorganisms


Hand gloves EN374:2003 Compliant – Protective against chemicals & Microorganisms

Why Simpusafety?

Avcray, located across the globe, are trusted for the precision and reliability of their products, strong innovation and singular focus on customer service. With a history of development and innovation starting in 1965 and continuing to the present day, we look forward to many more milestones to come.

Gas Measurement Solutions

Avcray designs, manufactures, and assembles advanced sensors and innovative analytical instrumentation for a worldwide customer base.

Replacement Glove box Gloves

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Discover how we’re solving critical Glovebox Glove management challenges with innovative technologies that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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